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Name history of Mercedes-benz and three-point star represent

Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz

In 1880 ad, with the invention of the high-speed engine, it was possible to install it in the cars of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, and each of them independently, and caused the emergence of motorized transport lines. Thanks to the help of partners, they started to invest on their work and their inventions For better development.

Carl Benz founded Benz & Cie and Daimler Motoren Geselschaft (DMG) in Mannheim city Germany in November 1890. In order to dominate the general market and the unquestionable superiority of their products, both of them chose a suitable sign for their products and their factories. in the beginning, each of them gave them self a nickname, Benz (carl Benz) and Daimler (Gottlieb Daimler), which since then have been the embodiment of quality and originality in vehicles and propulsion.

Benz & Cie company logo, which was located in the city of Mannheim – Germany, has remained unchanged since today. Apart from that time in 1909, the gear symbol from 1903 gave a way its position to a ring of bay leaf around the Benz Logo. But at the end of the century, the completely new name (Mercedes) was put on the products of the Daimler Motor Company (DMG).  

Where did this name came from? And what is the back story of it?

Emil Jellinek's entry, into this industry

Mercedes is a Spanish girl’s name that means loving kindness and beauty. At that moment, this name given to a girl that bornt in 1889, her father was an Austrian businessman named Emil Jelinek, who lived in the city of Baden, located near Vienna and nice. He was always thinking about progress and development and also he was interested in sports.

At the beginning of 1897, he made a trip to Kannstadt to visit the Daimler factory and also to order his first Daimler car. the driving force of the two-cylinder engine and 6-horsepower, was transmitted to the wheels by a strap, but the car was delivered in October 1897 with a maximum speed of 24 km/h, which was too slow for Yelink. for this reason, he asked for an increase in power up to 40 horsepower for the other two models that he wanted to buy. two cars were built and delivered in September 1898 in the form of Daimler Phoenix models, which  they had four-cylinder engine with 8 horse power in the front of the car, and these two models are among the first four-cylinder vehicles in the world.

Emil Yelink had good connections in the international world of finance and noblesse, and his activities as a businessman continued to increase and progress. In 1898, he started to selling Daimler products, especially to the wealthy classes of society. in 1899, DMG company by order of Mr. Yelink, ten cars were built, and in 1900, the number increased to 29 cars. Mr. Yelink demanded more powerful and faster cars from the DMG company. From 1899, he entered the car racing competitions and for the first time, he put the name of his 10-year-old daughter Mercedes, on the competing car, a name that shines in the car industry, In the early days only it was the name of the drivers’ team, not the name of the car or company.

In the beginning of April 1900, Mr. yelink made an agreement with DMG company in return of that, the vehicles of this company will be sold and the nickname Yelink will be placed on the cars. beside of that they made an agreement to engrave Mercedes – Daimler name on the first engine that produced.

Two weeks later, Mr. yelink placed an order for 36 vehicles worth of 550.000 mark which it was very rare and unprecedented in its kind. after a few weeks, he placed an order for 36 more vehicles, all powered by 8-horsepower engines.

The very first Mercedes and new name brand

In December 22, 1900, DMG company delivered the very first racing car with new engine to Mr. Yelink with 35-horse power. the first Mercedes car was developed by Mr. Wilhelm Maybach, the managing engineer of DMG company, and at the beginning of the new century, the volume of activity was increasing. The very first modern vehicle that built in that era, the appearance features was: low height of the center of gravity, pressed steel sheets of the body, light engine with high performance and radiator honeycomb grid.

In march 1901 The reputation of Mercedes cars became visible to everyone and a very high reality was created for Mercedes and Yelink in the society. In March and August 1901 other models with 12/6 and 8/11 horse power was made. Mr. yelink orders made the Daimler company and its factory bigger in kanstat city and they increase they building line of factory. on June 23, 1902, they recommend a Mercedes name for the new brand name, and Mercedes was officially registered as a trademark on September 26. On June 1903, Mr. Emil yelink got the permission to call himself Emil Mercedes, because it was the first time that a father uses his daughters name.

A symbol that drives the automotive industry

During the period of economic inflation after the World War one, it was very difficult to sell products, especially luxury products such as cars, and this industry faced some serious reactions. In the end, only strong companies survive that disaster. It was in this way that the two companies of DMG and Benz & Cie took steps in 1924 to integrate design and production standards such as sales and advertising.

During that period, two companies, DMG and Benz & Cie, independently produced and supplied their products in two separate markets. Two years later in June 1926 two of the oldest car manufacturers (DMG and Benz & Cie) combined and founded Benz A.G (Daimler Benz A.G).  In this regard, a new symbol (Logo) was also designed, which consisted of various main details of the signs of the two companies (DMG and Benz & Cie), the three-pointed star sign belonging to the Daimler Motor Company, and surrounded by the name Mercedes Benz, this symbol became global and very popular.

This trademark has seen minor changes over the past several decades, and until now, the name of Mercedes-Benz is engraved on the all of the products that manufactured, and it indicates quality and safety everywhere and on any type of road on all over the world, the name Mercedes-Benz means tradition, creativity and the future of the automobile world.

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